Geospatial Analytics’ EnableX suite of products is an innovative enterprise real estate management software.  This suite of products deliver core real estate management capabilities including Facility Management, Project Management, Strategic Asset Management, Mobile Site Assessment, Advanced Analytics and Business Process Management.

Innovation is the goal for many of our clients and “innovative” is what they are calling the technologies available in the EnableX product suite. Innovation is often defined as “adding significant value” and here are just a few of the innovations available to you:

  • A unique Mobile Facility Assessment capability (EnableInspection©) that can be customized to perform assessments at various locations/facilities. This tool has been used to automate checklists to be used by mobile employees for many different real estate uses, including Facility Condition Inspections, Sustainable Green Building audits, Employee Health & Safety Risk Assessments, New Site Selection Survey data collection and Project Management Punchlists.  New and innovative uses for this tool are being created daily.
  • Truly valuable and available immediately, is a full library of mobile facility assessment templates. Standardized templates have been created to make available when using the Enable Assessment tool.
  • Strategic Asset Management. EnableAssetManagement© is the unique tool that integrates all facility information into one robust, relational database which allows end to end planning, modeling and management of all portfolio real estate assets.
  • Additionally, EnableX products include advanced capabilities like business analytics, critical alerts, robust reporting and automated process management. 
  • The system will can also be utilized to develop visual materials that will allow clear and concise communication with members of your team and executive management. 


Outdated business process are strangling organizational goals of increased productivity and flexibility. Employees struggle to achieve basic awareness of assets, working through disconnected database and functional silos


A strong process and information foundation creates a platform from which higher value goals can be pursued. Increased operational awareness, better decision-making and shared information lead to a sense of gaining control.


The end goal in portfolio and process management is optimization. Capital-intensive assets are distributed to best meet demand, and the organizations responsible for long-range planning and utilization are fully in control.