05/March/ 2020

Geospatial Analytics Safety InSite™ Delivers Powerful Safety Management Solution for Real Estate Portfolios

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Feb. 3, 2020

Geospatial Analytics®, a real estate software developer, announced a new release of Geospatial Analytics Safety InSite™. This powerful solution is an integral component of the Geospatial Analytics® industry-leading strategic real estate management suite. A data management solution, Geospatial Analytics Safety InSite™ enables users to efficiently create and maintain a full set of information related to a real estate portfolio safety program, including training materials, standards, risk mitigation plans, and full audit trails on inspections and incidents.

Geospatial Analytics Safety InSite™ joins Geospatial Analytics®' suite of well-known asset management platforms, such as Geospatial Analytics Asset InSite™, Geospatial Analytics Service InSite™, and Geospatial Analytics Contract InSite™, which are used and trusted by large property operators and occupiers around the country.

"Real estate facility managers are increasingly focused on maintaining an effective safety management program," said Cynthia Timm, President of Geospatial Analytics®. "Yet many struggle to effectively and efficiently manage critical data sets related to safety practices and facility conditions. Our goal was to create a solution that removes the guesswork and leverages analytics to increase safety management effectiveness."

Using Geospatial Analytics Safety InSite™ to manage standardized information on the conditions and risks within facilities enables management to maintain a quality safety management program. This results in a safer work environment for employees and contractors, decreases risks, increases productivity, and ultimately decreases costs. Utilizing state-of-the-art information management software empowers organizations' workforces and improves accountability via real-time data management and stakeholder access to vital information.

"Safety software can be expensive, difficult to deploy, and hard to use," Timm said. "Our job is to solve all of that and give safety and service managers a tool to analyze facility risks, maintain compliance, and manage costs."

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