10/January/ 2021

OSHA recommends workplaces implement COVID-19 prevention measures focusing on the need for employers to implement engineering, administrative, and work practice controls like air filtration and HVAC systems, and monitoring disinfection procedures. Many facility managers rely on manual, paper- based processes, which are inconsistent and based on subjective criteria and located in multiple data bases. These challenges lead to increased risks of business disruption, health/safety incidents and regulatory violations.

One solution for facility and asset management is Geospatial Analytics Inspect InSite™. A data gathering tool which efficiently creates and maintains an inventory of asset conditions in your properties. An integrated facility inspection solution can help employers follow OSHA guidance for COVID-19. Geospatial Analytics® assessments are critical to understanding maintenance needs, determining assets’ remaining useful life, and creating accurate capital replacement plans.
Geospatial Analytics Inspect InSite™ increases efficiency and improves ROI. Geospatial Analytics® team members will meet with your organization, to discuss a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

About Geospatial Analytics®

Founded in 2005, Geospatial Analytics® is an innovative development firm specializing in strategic, cost-effective, agile, and easy-to-use real estate management software that empowers property owners and facility managers with analytics to better understand and strategically manage their businesses. Geospatial Analytics® is a global leader in real estate management technologies. The company serves some of the world’s largest companies in retail, finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, energy, and education with over $1 trillion in combined real estate valuations. To learn more call a Geospatial Analytics® representative at 877-291-3282, or email