Strategic Real Estate Management Software

15/November/ 2020

Bergen County Adopts Geospatial Analytics® Industry-Leading Real Estate Management Program

Officials at Bergen County, New Jersey announced that the county purchased and is deploying a strategic real estate asset management program for a portfolio of hundreds of county buildings. The county will use state-of-the-art software from Geospatial Analytics® to manage more than two million square feet of real estate.
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05/March/ 2020

Geospatial Analytics Safety InSite™ Delivers Powerful Safety Management Solution for Real Estate Portfolios

Geospatial Analytics Safety InSite™ enables users to efficiently create and maintain a full set of information related to a real estate portfolio safety program, including training materials, standards, risk mitigation plans, and full audit trails on inspections and incidents.
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24/September/ 2019

Geospatial Analytics Contract InSite™ Delivers Powerful Lease Negotiation and Transaction Analysis Benefits

Many real estate transaction managers still rely on cumbersome paper-based processes to track and evaluate leases and contract terms. Geospatial Analytics Contract Insite™ tracks hundreds of contracts using objective criteria, making comparisons and analysis truly actionable.
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