Strategic Real Estate Management Software

10/March/ 2021

It Takes Foresight to See How Technology Improves Facility Management Systems

Use Foresight to See How Technology Improves Management Decisions
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10/January/ 2021

OHSA Recommends Workplaces Implement COVID-19 Prevention Measures

OSHA recommends workplaces implement COVID-19 prevention measures focusing on the need for employers to implement engineering, administrative, and work practice controls like air filtration and HVAC systems, and monitoring disinfection procedures. Many facility managers rely on manual, paper- based processes, which are inconsistent and based on subjective criteria and located in multiple data bases. These challenges lead to increased risks of business disruption, health/safety incidents and regulatory violations.
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07/December/ 2020

Geospatial Analytics® Democratizes Analytics for Front Line Workers Transforming the Real Estate Services Industry

Geospatial Analytics®, a real estate software development company, announced the release of a new set of analytical solutions. The suite of products consists of Analytic Calculators™, Analytic Widgets™, Analytic Predictors™, and Analytic Pods™, which are an integral component of the Geospatial Analytics® industry-leading real estate management SaaS suite of solutions.
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