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Geospatial Analytics Analytics InSite™

Geospatial Analytics Analytics InSite™ is an award winning technology that combines the power of a highly customizable mobile application and a robust web portal resulting in real time reporting capabilities and highly interactive dashboards.

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Efficiency & Effectiveness

Real Time Intelligence On Mobile

  • Automates forms-based business processes to improve efficiency
  • Reduced on-site inspection/assessment data collection cycle time
  • Eliminates need to re-enter inspection survey results and photos
  • Reduced cycle time to report for corrective actions


Decision Making

Fast and Robust Real Time Data

  • Provides decision makers the ability to see real time data
  • Robust analytics provide better visibility to systemic issues
  • Accuracy of capital budgeting and forecasting is increased

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Allowing for a

Greener Environment

Eliminate Waste

  • Eliminates paper waste and carbon emissions by utilizing mobile devices and web-based tools
  • Improved controls over capital planning enables energy management

Visualize ®

Outdated business processes are strangling organizational goals of increased productivity and flexibility. Employees struggle to achieve basic awareness of assets, working through disconnected database and functional silos.


Analyze ®

A strong process and information foundation creates a platform from which higher value goals can be pursued. Increased operational awareness, better decision-making and shared information lead to a sense of gaining control.


Optimize ®

The end goal in portfolio and process management is optimization. Capital-intensive assets are distributed to best meet demand, and the organizations responsible for long-range planning and utilization are fully in control.