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Are you trying to determine:

  • Your inventory of work spaces and offices?
  • The condition of your facilities’ interior spaces?
  • The best plan to improve working areas for employees?

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The Challenge

To increase employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity, companies are increasingly focused on providing high quality work environments. In doing so, many portfolio managers struggle to understand the make-up of their overall portfolio. They are faced with a myriad of types of spaces, including cubicles, meeting rooms, offices, break rooms, lobbies and dozens of other categories of Space Types. Even when a complete inventory is obtained, having a full understanding of the physical condition of the portfolio is often beyond reach. Each of the Space Types consists of many Elements, such as flooring, walls, doors, windows, doors, ceilings, furniture and an unlimited number of other variables. The condition of all physical assets deteriorate over time, making it necessary to upgrade, refresh or reconfigure them.

In most organizations, funding to maintain and replace these assets is usually scarce. Prioritization of spending is exceedingly difficult due to the extensive variety of Space Types, the sheer number of Elements, and most of all, the inability to accurately determine condition and correlated operational impact. Since the latter is difficult to objectively quantify, organizations make most spending decisions based on past subjective experience from the most influential personnel in the decision-making process, rather than using quantifiable and objective analytics.

The Complexity

To effectively address this critical business objective, given the level of complexity that exceeds traditional approaches of personal opinions and spreadsheets, more companies are turning to sophisticated software solutions to enable needed solutions. The investment in such solutions can effectively improve working environments with the greatest operational impact with the objective allocation of limited capital.

In pursuing these solutions, most companies find that it still presents a massive challenge. Extending traditional tools, such as CMMS solutions, fall short as they are tailored for serialized assets. Space management tools are structured for the management of assignment of the spaces to departments and personnel, and do not have capabilities to effectively assess condition. Capital Planning tools struggle with the granularity that Space Types present and are often disconnected with other real estate solutions.

As a result, most companies are left with a patchwork solution. Spreadsheets and e-form apps are used to collect data. CMMS tools and Space Management tools are attempted to be leveraged, but users need to fill in the gaps with manual workarounds. A mixture of non-standard and conflicting data is then attempted to be used for planning purposes. The end result is, at best, sub optimized, and at worst, cannot be determined. Geospatial Analytics Space InSite™ provides a fully integrated end-to-end solution.

The Opportunity

Geospatial Analytics Space InSite™ offers a comprehensive and integrated set of features and capabilities to meet all of your space management needs. It provides the tools needed to achieve each milestone critical for success, including:

The Solution

Space management has evolved to require integration with a number of technologies to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution.
Collecting data, analysis, planning and execution require unique capabilities, but need to be integrated to support the entire process.
A single integrated solution can optimize the use of resources across these related disciplines and create maximum long-term value.

The Benefit

Your field workforce can access automated forms-based processes via their mobile devices. This reduces data collection time and improves accuracy and consistency of reporting. Users can access a web-based portal for easy data sharing and collaboration.

Your managers reap the benefits of:

Geospatial Analytics Space InSite™ is part of the Geospatial Analytics InSite Platform™ for enterprise Space Type management. Geospatial Analytics Space InSite™ integrates with a range of existing data repositories, asset management software and related systems. Organizations can use Geospatial Analytics Space InSite™ along with its complementary tools in the Geospatial Analytics InSite Platform™.

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The end goal in portfolio and process management is optimization. Capital-intensive assets are distributed to best meet demand, and the organizations responsible for long-range planning and utilization are fully in control.

Outdated business processes are strangling organizational goals of increased productivity and flexibility. Employees struggle to achieve basic awareness of assets, working through disconnected database and functional silos.

A strong process and information foundation creates a platform from which higher value goals can be pursued. Increased operational awareness, better decision-making and shared information lead to a sense of gaining control.