07/December/ 2020

Geospatial Analytics® Democratizes Analytics for Front Line Workers Transforming the Real Estate Services Industry

PHOENIX - Dec. 7, 2020

Geospatial Analytics®, a real estate software development company, announced the release of a new set of analytical solutions. The suite of products consists of Analytic Calculators™, Analytic Widgets™, Analytic Predictors™, and Analytic Pods™, which are an integral component of the Geospatial Analytics® industry-leading real estate management SaaS suite of solutions.

A data analytics solution, Analytic Calculators™ enables users to answer important business calculations. Analytic Widgets™ enables users to access data from various sources and perform search functions with it. Analytic Pods™ allow users to daisy chain calculators and widgets together to solve problems. All solutions can be accessed by a mobile device, tablet, or computer.

For instance, a technician comes to replace a store’s ceiling tiles. The floor plan is irregular, but he selects from floorplans in an Analytic Calculator™, puts in the measurements, and the calculator determines the material amount needed. He then uses an Analytic Widget™ to determine what stores have the tiles, the costs, and the distance to each store. Accessing an Analytics Calculator™, assembled within an Analytic Pod™, he determines which store to visit using these calculations for the optimal financial decision. Management can use Analytic Predictors™ to aggregate the results from technicians, allowing for workforce and resource planning and forecasting of future demand.

"Analytics has historically been the domain of Data Scientists and the C-Suite, providing invaluable insight at the enterprise level," said Cynthia Timm, president of Geospatial Analytics®. "Operational processes and front line workers have not been able to leverage the significant advantages of analytics in everyday tasks. These tasks are performed literally tens of thousands of times per day throughout the industry, wasting millions of dollars due to inefficiencies. Management now can have access to all of that information to make strategic decisions regarding operations. By democratizing analytics, Geospatial Analytics® is revolutionizing the use of analytics in business environments and transforming the industry.”

About Geospatial Analytics®

Geospatial Analytics® is a development firm specializing in cost-effective and agile real estate management software that empowers property owners and facility managers with analytics to strategically manage their businesses. They serve some of the world's largest companies in retail, finance, healthcare, and more, with over $1 trillion in combined real estate valuations. To learn more call a Geospatial Analytics® representative at 877-291-3282, or email